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You guys are the best! Thank you so much for being so caring and considerate through this very strange problem. We appreciated everything you had done. Both of you!! I was tickled to death, to get to hold one of the babies. That was awesome! It meant so much to us to be safe and keep our peky little family together. Bravo. Well done fellas! You were PERFECT! Many thanks. Jill

Jill Sharpe

Great customer service! Drew did an awesome job at my home on Cates Place! This is a great company and I highly recommend them!!!!


I just wanted to give Drew a "glowing review"! He did a fantastic job, as far as I can tell and was fast, efficient, knowledgeable and very kind! Thanks! We will definitely recommend him for any critter catastrophes we hear of 🙂 - Mandy

Mandy Ardledge

Ben-is absolutely the most reliable, gracious and excellent worker I know. He did a fabulous and very fast job for me. I will tell anyone who asks that your place and Ben are the greatest.--Richard Green

Richard Green

My wife and I bought a "fixer upper" in the country after 30 plus years of downtown high rise condo living in Boston, NYC and Nashville's West End. During the renovations we discovered a snake in the attic and evidence that he was not the first or only critter to reside up there. In a panic, we called several Wildlife organizations and other "trappers," with no results or understanding of our distress. And then, we found DREW with Trapper Jack. There are no words to adequately express his kindness, understanding, and level of professionalism. Drew literally changed our lives and through his work has given these city dwellers peace of mind. He completely restored our attic and crawl space, and our confidence in the security of our home. THANKS DREW and Trapper Jack!

Bruce and Penny Bennett

During the process of having my dryer vent cleaned, the guy discovered evidence of something living in my crawl space. I immediately called Trapper Jack and Drew was at my house within an hour. He identified the intruder as a possum and after explaining the process to me, he immediately set a trap. Within a couple days he had trapped the guy. He then cleaned the entire crawl space, disinfected the area and put down new vapor barrier in addition to patching the rather large hole he was using to enter the area. I found Drew to be very knowledgeable and he explained everything he would be doing. He was polite and very thorough. I feel much better now that my crawl space is secure and would highly recommend Trapper Jack...especially Drew.

Anne Wright Brown - Atwell

I called Trapper Jack today after seeing them on Facebook. The first thing I was most impressed by was their tributes to Breast Cancer Awareness which was very apparent throughout their FB page! I have had a personal experience with someone close to me so it really touched home. I spoke with Greg King the owner and he was very pleasurable and knowledgeable about my wildlife problem and his business. I was instantly relieved just by speaking with him. I look forward to working with these guys to resolve our raccoon issues. I will keep you posted. Thanks Greg!

Jason Wriggens

This morning I was startled (understatement) to find a raccoon sleeping on my front doormat; she wasn't afraid of us and made no effort to leave. Trapper Jack's responded quickly, arrived quickly, and got the furry visitor off of my porch quickly. I am so impressed with each part of my experience with Trapper Jacks'! Drew was incredibly knowledgeable and kind, which was important to me. I know the raccoon will be fine ... and off of my porch. I highly recommend Trapper Jacks!

Carrie Columbia Campbell

Thanks for a great experience today! I updated my posts on the Nolensville 411, my neighborhood (Ballenger Farms) page, and my personal fb page, and reviewed your business on your fb page and even over on Yelp. And, I meant every word! Drew was great. Thanks, Greg!

Carrie Columbia Campbell

You guys are awesome!!! We had a family of squirrels that had refused to leave our attic and finally called in the pros. We are soooo happy with Trapper Jack!!! Drew came and was professional, nice and knowledgeable. Not once did I feel like he'd forgotten about us and felt at-peace from the moment that he started with the traps. Drew, thank you so much for taking care of us!! It was an absolute pleasure!!!

Chrisy Sparks

Thank you Drew!! Who knew that a little squirrel could cause so much drama!!? Super helpful and extremely knowledgeable.

Katie Robertson Christopher